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About Me

Hello! Thank you so much for checking out LMShoots! My name is Laura Munley, and I am the sole photographer of my small business! I am a full time ambulance dispatcher for a non-emergency ambulance company in LA County. I am not the kind of photographer who takes herself too seriously, so at our session, expect some silly jokes and goofy prompts! I believe that everyone deserves to have photos of themselves and their loved ones that they're proud to show off. Whether you have no experience posing or have modeled in the past, I promise that one way or another we'll do our best to capture fun and personal images! 


Currently, I am working towards my goal of becoming a full time photographer. This means expanding my portfolio to include new and diverse couples, families, and individuals! The majority of my professional experience thus far has been working with cosplayers and costume designers, as geeky stuff has always been such a passion of mine! Growing up, I was always around cameras, as my mom was an amazing photographer before me! Fun fact, the film camera I shoot with occasionally was hers and she used to to shoot many of my baby pictures! When I'm not taking photos, you can find me volunteering with horses, or spending time with friends and loved ones!

I am based out of beautiful Azusa, California, but am more than happy to travel to any location as long as travel fees are accounted for! 


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